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A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin Contains spoilers, consider yourself warned. A meme on Tumblr made its round the other day, depicting Eddard Stark sitting on the throne, titled "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Personally, I'd call A Game of Thrones a series of bad decisions. I did enjoy reading the book to a degree but it says a lot when my favorite characters are the tomboy, the fat kid and the imp. I had no sympathy for Eddard or Catelyn Stark. I think we are supposed to like both what with them being all honorable and good. But being honorable didn't get them anywhere. Their decisions started the war, and cost Eddard his life. Their marriage has been arranged, and nothing can sell me their "love" as love because all it is is that both have gotten used to the fact that they have to be with someone they don't love because it's required, and they are both glad they hadn't gotten it any worse. That's not love people. There are characters I outright despised. Joffrey being one of them who is so evil for no real reason. At least none that I could see. There is no explanation as to why he would be so cruel. Martin makes it pretty clear that Joffrey is a sadist of the worst kind yet where this stems from is a mystery to me. Maybe it's supposed to be based on the fact that he his the child of his mother and his uncle or that his conniving mother has been manipulating him ("All who are't us are enemies" yeah, yeah, whatever) but Martin does emphasize over and over again that all mothers in this book love their kids, and this includes Cersei Lannister who loves her children. So, maybe I'm getting this wrong, but if a mother loved her kids she wouldn't try to raise them into cold, heartless little twits, who make bad decisions simply because they are now king (and which brings up the next bad decision: Killing Eddard Stark and losing a strong hand in this "game of thrones".)Then there is Cersei Lannister, queen, and manipulative and scheming beyond measure. Oh, and sleeping with her own brother. Her twin brother no less with the argumentation that their love for each other is greater than anything because they've shared a womb. I suppose many twins in this world would have to say a thing or two about that. You never had Fred and George Weasley go all love-dovey on each other because they're twins. In fact, both actors have more than once spoken against twincest. But moving on...King Robert. A whoring, drinking pig. Makes you wonder who has been ruling the seven kingdoms for the past 15 years. I feel that the reader is supposed to like him because he is this guy who loved Lyanna so much but her death broke him and all he could do was live his life until he died because there was nothing else important in it. And who had to marry Cersei the conniving, treacherous monster. Poor guy, really...not! I had no sympathy for him whatsoever. And his death was ... well, he died. End of his story. Sansa Stark, oh god. What an airhead. Seriously? She���s living in her own dreams the entire book, and it takes the death of her father to open her eyes. Yuck! Vicerys Targaryen, the megalomaniac who thinks he's the dragon and the rightful ruler of the seven kingdoms, and who had somehow managed to convince Khal Drogo to support him with an army. Wait, wut? Honestly, I don't know what he was doing in that story other than rant, rave, abuse his own sister, and dream of being a ruler. He was annoying, and from the first moment he showed up in the story I wanted him dead. Sometimes you get what you wish for. But this brings me to his sister Dany. I mean, really, Mr. Martin, what were you thinking? The only GOOD thing about her storyline is that she is in fact the last dragon, and that this role didn't fall to another male character. But honestly, that's all. Everything else about her storyline is Dany being raped over and over again by her husband, whom she comes to love because you know, that's what we are being told over and over again in this book: women love their rapists, but only if they are married to them. Yeah, again, no! I guess that's probably another good thing about Cersei Lannister: she doesn't love Robert. We are not tricked into thinking that she loves him. But with all other marriages that's what we are supposed to believe. And that goes for Dany's 'relationship' with Drogo as well. She is 13 when she marries him. He rapes her. Oh wait, she actually said "Yes" in their wedding night so that doesn't make it rape, does it? Anyway, he rapes her. He "takes his pleasure", "he had finished" and so on. There is not one PART in this book that speaks of their physical relationship as being consentual, tender and loving. We're supposed to believe that but Khal Drogo doesn't love her. He's happy he's got a pretty khaleesi now. He's happy she LEARNS how to pleasure him so that their nights are more than just a doggy style action where he finds his release. But yeah, again, that's not love, people. Of course, she loses her unborn child. Of course, she loses Khal Drogo because he is being a jerk about not having his own wounds treated properly... I did mention that this was a series of bad choices, didn't I? Jon Snow: oh man, the noble hero, or anti-hero. I'm not really sure. If he was female, he'd be labelled a Mary-Sue because gods, could he be any more perfect? It's so boring. Even his flaws suck, and are unbelievable. And of course, he is honorable. *yawn* But the Nightwatch storyline is the thing that really interested me in this book. And I am very curious where it will go. And the dragons were cool. My favorite characters as mentioned before are Tyrion, Sam and Arya. They seem to be the voice of reason, always saying out loud the things everyone is thinking, often enough saying the things I've been wanting to shout at the characters myself. The whole Dothraki-storyline was another overused trope: darkskinned people can't be anything other than barbaric warriors. Yeah, no. All in all I think I will continue with this series but right now I have other books that require my immediate attention. Still, I cannot share the hype and fascination for this book. It's okay, it's not bad, but there is better. I also don't really read fantasy. I prefer scifi, and the only fantasy books I have read are Tolkien's works and Harry Potter. I can't say A Game of Thrones is this kind of fantasy or that kind of fantasy, and I honestly don't care. I read it, and now I'm moving on.