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The Dark Ship - L.M. Sherwin I received a free copy of The Dark Ship in exchange for an honest review. The synopsis made me curious about the story. A young girl on a space ship (labelled scifi, so...) finding a mysterious mirror that seems to have a dark aura about it. Well, at least that's what I expected from it. (here is what it said: Lyra has always felt too plain and uninteresting to be a part of her parents' social sphere, the upper class of Juneau One. Now, they expect her to act like a proper lady at one of the moon's most prestigious girls' schools: St. Xavier's. On the voyage to the dreaded school, Lyra discovers an enchanted mirror in the lower decks of the ship. Whenever she looks at it, her reflection appears beautiful, mysterious, and otherworldly. Something about the glass draws her in; time, thought, and emotion fly past when she gazes into its depths. Could there be something dangerous about this simple golden mirror? Does some sinister force lurk within, drawing her into its clutches? Find out in this thrilling novella by L.M. Sherwin!)What I got was a bit different, though, and I honestly cannot say that I was content with that. First of all, the writing is really good (choice of words, use of language, etc.)But: There was nothing sinister lurking about the mirror, nothing dangerous. It was simply a gateway to a house owned by a guy named Silvanus who was tired of being alone and therefore made the only logical decision, an 800 year old creature would do: he lured teenagers through the mirror into his home so he would have company. He even gave them a part of himself which made them love him so much they would never leave him. And conveniently the teenagers all get an adult body. So there is Daniel, who is 17 - mentally at least - because he came there when he was 14 which was 3 years ago. And we don't learn anything about the other two people in the house - Strata and Macall, they are just there, and that's about all I can say about them. Of course, Lyra is happy to be in her new home. After all, her parents never spent time with her, and she wasn't happy in her old life anyway.Sadly, the story lacked any real action or suspense. It felt rushed in parts. Years go by but I can't really say how many, and what the characters have been doing during this time. Nor did any of them show any development or change in their personality. Silvanus didn't really seem to be spending time with his "family", so for his being so lonely, I would have expected more than this man brooding in his room/office/working space over schematics of ...things. Add a few things borrowed from other books, maybe it was some sort of hommage, I'm not sure, but we do have a school house that is hidden by a spell by some sort of veil that appears as a forest and makes you remember something urgent as soon as you get too close (Hogwarts, is that you?), a man who splits his soul himself to live forever procreate, and a mirror of Erised that makes the time fly by while you lose yourself in it. Overall, I don't think I would have finished the story if the writing hadn't been good. The writing is the reason this story doesn't get only 2 stars, but 3 instead. I do believe the author has a talent there, and I'm sure her hard work will pay off eventually. Unfortunately, this novellette didn't keep what it promised.